Video Analytics-as-a-Service

Business Intelligence Analytics


Audience Profiling analytics uses the combination of unique feature points on a face to identify the age range, gender, and emotions; allowing retailers to know their in-store customer profiles.

Audience Profiling


  • Detects faces and passes through various spatial transformations
  • Analyzes data such as distance between the eyes which are represented as special intrinsic characteristics that represent the face. These set of characteristics are matched to data that is recognizable by our system
  • Translates these specific profiles to information that allows users to understand audience demographics
  • Performs targeted advertising based on audience demographics
  • Detects whether customers or service staffs are smiling


  • Helps retailers know what customers of different age group are purchasing and when they are visiting
  • Tweaks product assortments to target the age group which has higher purchasing power or launch targeted marketing campaigns to suit a different age group
  • Allows retailers to make decisions with selling messages, store layout and product displays by first knowing the ratio of males and females in store
  • Rectifies any employee work environment problems or improve overall customer service if reports show a less happy environment
  • Displays targeted advertising and marketing campaigns at optimal spots to suit customer gender, age group and emotions

Sample report

audience-profiling-age audience-profiling-gender audience-profiling-emotions