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People Counting provides a key metric that retailers and building managers can work with. The system tracks the number of people who enters an area to derive the total number of people within a stipulated zone.



  • Captures and people count at different entrances simultaneously, using multiple cameras. This is due to the flexibility of the system
  • Analyses the total number of customers in store by taking an aggregate of the total entry across all entrances
  • Calculates sales conversion ratio when integrated with POS servers
  • Reports the data across in hours, days, weeks or months to enable business managers to know when the peak days and peak periods are


  • Gives an understanding of whether in-store visitors are not buying or there are simply too little visitors through the sales conversion ratio
  • Helps retailers carry out targeted marketing activities to attract more visitors or encourage buying
  • Ensures that the store will not be understaffed nor overstaffed with efficient employee scheduling; thus increasing overall customer service which results in a better shopping experience
  • Helps users carry out promotions or campaigns effectively by knowing when the peak periods are
  • Understands traffic flow throughout the day to optimize staffing allocations and evaluate campaign results

Sample report

people-counting-graph people-counting-timecard